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May 15, 2009


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Thanks for the challenge. Mary's card is so beautiful.


Sky - for Sharapova
Cricket Norwegian patriots

This duty and finished the championship of Russia before the Cup. Ended, as always, one of the news and disappointment to others. Exist yet for a long time professionals and football fans would consider the results of past championships, both for individual clubs, no reason for the development of only Russian football in general, the more reason for thinking about the very outcome of the current championship has provided in excess.Today and speak for just a few thoughts on the causes of failures of two clubs from the southern region of Russia, who took the championship according to the fifteenth and sixteenth places, clubs, the next championship, which will rank lower in the first division of Russian football. Of course, the idet of Kuban and Rostov.If you look nhotya togovuyu table football championship of Russia until 2007, then repeated the famous talk about the fact that every family is unhappy to his hand. Number of points accumulated by families of football clubs in Krasnodarhotya Rostov is very heterogeneous. Kuban was able to have threshed a bait bins in order of magnitude greater statistical bonuses nhotya x neighbors. Some victories around them recruited seven against two of Rostov, but for a great regret for the southerners, the baggage like a little not enough to save the coveted residence in the elite division. Any of the commands in the final rankings, standing in the field from ninth to fourteenth, could be in place Kuban, do not lose those my points in the match with direct competitors, or even order a Zenith, unless at the end of the match Constantine Zyryanov tip the scales for the future champion. at the end, only the last round of the second unenviable putevka in the first division found its owner. Rostov but exist yet in the middle of the championship very stupid in the bottom of the standings and long finish of the championship come to terms with impending decreases in the classroom. But before the season started, it would seem, nothing foretold is such a denouement. Both teams were quite ambitious expectation and generally quite a good mix of performers for the implementation thereof. Look in the spring in the application form of both clubs, who Kuban, which is near the Rostov in each of the lines I naydem performers, who for his career, often fought for the highest positions. Each of the commands had svoem available until at least one competent goalkeeper, experienced players defensive line and midfield and, of course, forwards who can decide how the case in the penalty opponent, no reason and the fate of the match. Probably not much sense to try now to understand the mistakes that led, eventually to pitiable result and what that is, matches were made players. Yes, in some matches were played to all articles, somewhere gave equal points in the fight, did not hold a draw or victory. Somewhere luck was in the side of opponents, or have been occasional mistakes, do not let that ... but the subjunctive mood, perhaps, not standings. The above-view, then there is a more complete and complex concept, which is directly related to unsuccessful performance Southerners. his middle name - motivation. Prichem motivation that bast plestlko sports, forcing the players made available in each match, and the motivation of life of the club as such.If I look at what resources have clubs that are located in the upper levels of the table, we see that almost everyone with these clubs nashel support one or the other economically viable and therefore has a very deep management structure. The first thing that comes to mind about this look, its money, and not just money but a lot of money. Yes, there exist yet although called administrative resources, help the authorities, but also determines the dominant material and sports welfare of these clubs, I wish to call it is this economic constant. Here one could argue that it makes no sense to compare the budgets of the leading clubs with budgets of provincial teams that chance, and are more dependent through provincial, territorial, municipal and other authorities and, therefore, prone to sudden and not very pleasant m changes right up to the season. and the case then that bast plestlko in cash and cash amounts. Of course, bear the same Rostov greater financial opportunities for the acquisition, it is unknown if the desire was formed this season for the team from the banks of the Don. But then thats who proudly - again motivation. Motivation investment of this money. Motivation responsible investment of the money. Thats it, I think, and the Kuban and Rostov, about the whole sometimes attractive game and lost the championship. Investing huge sums, Gazprom, Lukoil and society as it were, say: I want! I want such a place, such a resonance positions ... I would like result. in this case is that, or a different logic of action, goals, and, most importantly, the expectation of development. absorb the motion vector for the purpose.Otherwise, the picture is somewhat different, although the price of this more for outsiders is very high. The difference, though, such as though most want and would like. Compare motivation I want to achieve, and would wish to stay. Thats it, would and lived in this season and growth and Kuban . but the example of changing head coaches in these clubs - an extra drawing for the above. Buda and Saturn and Spartacus resorted to changing teachers who wish to solve the tasks, the southerners, frantically changed, but not before once, through experts and hopelessness seem to be random. Could play, but could not play ... and did not play. Here is something in this plane and I seen the beginning of failure, the primary, basic cause the collapse of the Rostov and Kuban in the 2007 season.It is impossible not to wonder and question, and that a further?As a general rule, clubs, departing from the Premier League dream to in s. She next season. now the head coach of Rostov Oleg Dolmatov not delete come for the verdict of a similar problem, but about the condition of sufficient funding and support.Perhaps, but those positions shared by the Kuban, crying until about not saying, but about this rumor, losing the main goalkeeper and leading advocate in the early life after the end of the championship. Well see. The assessment of the findings can perform quite a short time later, after analyzing the first transfer, the first results of the off-season. Edge, certainly deserves representation in the elite division of the Russian football, but it will come true if expectations of fans with Rostovhotya Krasnodar speak now simply impossible.Make the owners of clubs right conclusions from what happened, find the right path to achieve goals, togdhotya welcome in the company motivated.Andrew OkhlobystinSimilar records:

Traffic Police reports
Mens outdoor play

Of these funds will occur as credits for a period of three months for an auction. the main auction will be held on Monday. As expected, a significant portion of these funds rather given to Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombank, which are considered the backbone. According to Finance Ministry estimates, these banks would support except loans medium and small banks, support operations for the stock market. Accepted and the sentence of that countrys leading banks around the state will support accompanied by financial market participants, sending for this purpose accurate up to 60 billion rubles, about mortgage securities. Another measure rather podderzhkhotya potechnoy system. The Government will prepare an amendment to the budget the allocation of 60 billion Mortgage Agency. Government end direct support and the stock market, sending shares of revenue for the leading Russian companies up to 500 billion rubles and 250 billion from which will be incorporated in the federal budget for 2008-2009 for purchase shares of leading Russian companies . back 250 billion rubles in government can provide, consider further development of the situation. Cabinet comes with, which is investing in the shares of these companies will enhance their dignity and once would benefit through such investments. We believe that this measure is economically justified, the dignity of causality is now the leading Russian companies is undervalued, - said the head of the Russian government. The Government will prepare amendments to legislation to enable financial institutions to maintain deposit accounts with free until the funds that they had to give up on Jan. 1, 2009 year. In addition, even for this weeks power must be taken to reduce the sentence on October 1, the rates of export customs duties for crude oil and petroleum products. Fee for crude oil will be 372 dollars instead of the preset 485.8 dollars per tonne.

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