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April 22, 2009


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Ouf! Je suis très impressionnée! Quel bel album! La personne qui le reçevera en cadeau est très choyée! Honnêtement, je ne suis pas capable de dire la page que je préfère car elles ont toutes un petit quelque chose de spéciales!!!Félicitation!


Super impressionnant et super génial quel quantité de travail. La personne qui le recevra sera très choyé. Je suis un peu jalouse! Ma page préféré est celle avec le pirate.

Marika Lemay

Allo Cindy!

J'aime beaucoup!!!!! Quelle originalité! J'aime tout particulièrement la page des 2 mois pour la bande de film!!! Mais aussi la page avec le beau petit train joyeux!

BRAVO, encore une fois!

Ta fan #1,
Marika xx


This album is absolutely fabulous. It is hard to say which page is my favorite. I definitely love the dinosaur page, but for some reason I just love the 4 months page the most. She is very lucky to have a friend like you who would care so much to put this much time and effort into a gift. WOW!

Anne Bélanger

Wow ! Quel bel album ! Celle qui le reçevra est vraiment choyée, et elle va être vraiment contente, c'Est assuré ! C'Est difficile de dire quelle est ma page préférée... J'aime beaucoup la page des dinosaures, celle du pirate, mais il y en a d'autres... en fait, je les aime toutes !! Bravo !


My favorite are pages 9 months and 11 months. Very Cute!!
You are so creative!! Love, love your work.

Suzanne C.

Comme toujours tu m'impressionne, toutes les pages sont très très belle, ils ont toutes un cachet particulier....tu es une source sans fin.



What a great album... I love it all!


Oh, I can't pick a favorite--every single page is wonderful. Your coworker will be in awe!! What a fabulous book and gift!

Stephanie P.

I am so impressed, what a beautiful album and what a dear friend and coworker you are to make this one of a kind gift. Each page is a treasure, I think my favorites are 4 and 7 months - but they are all so well thought out! I am so inspired now!!! Thank you for sharing!!!


What an amazing gift Cindy! I'm sure it will be cherished!

Linda Willman

WOW!!! This is SO stinkin' cute Cindy! Typical of your work it's totally detailed eye-candy and I'm drooling to give this a try! How fabulous you are. You continue to inspire and amaze me with your creativity.

Anne Morin, démo région Outaouais

Super beau et inspirant ! Merci de nous l'avoir partagé.


Tres beau, Cindy, comme d'habitude! J'adore la page avec les papillons! Je suis certaine que ton amie va apprecie ca!


Geneviève Martel

WoW!!! Cindy!

Quel album magnifique et quel travail astronomique. La future maman est très choyée et que dire du petit trésor qui va le recevoir. De toute beauté et très inspirant.

Mes préférées sont la page avec des papillons, celle du train, des dinosaures et ... Bien pourquoi m'acharnée, je les aimes toutes.

Gros bisous à toi, je m'ennuie beaucoup et j'ai hâte de te revoir.



Awesome... What an adorable album. I love how much detail you put into making each page. Your friend will love and treasure this album and all of the memories it will hold. It is truly the perfect gift.



beautiful pages - what an incredible gift - I love my BIA too!

Ruth N

Congratulations on winning the So Shelli Challenge. I love the pirate page.
This is a great project. Hope the mom to be was super impressed!

Kristin Moore

A Favorite?! Are you kidding me? They are each stinking adorable! This is so charming and so much detail has been thought out. What a wonderful gift! I hope you didn't have trouble parting with it. Congrats for winning Shelli's contest!


Congratulations on a winning entry. What a thoughtful project!


This is a marvelous gift! I really liked all the pages...each unique and detailed and carefully done. If I must choose one as a favorite, I will select the 10 months page because it has a truck on it and I live in Texas...the state of trucks!!! Great job!


Firstly, congratulations on being mentioned on Shelli's blog. You album is absolutley adorable! Thanks for sharing ALL 12 pages and the cover. The album will be a treasureed gift for a long time. Don't worry about original ideas. Just using different papers or SS kits makes all the difference. Thanks again for sharing!


Congratulations Cindy! What a fabulous project.


This is wonderful! I am so impressed with all the pages I cannot choose a favorite. I am so happy that you were a winner of Shelli's challenge or I may not have found your blog. I will be following it now!

Josée Trudel

vraiment magnifique! bravo Cindy

Laura (scrapnextras)

Congrats Cindy! I didn't even think to check Shelli's blog for the link, but there it was! Amazing album...so much love. You really need to have some babies I think! Drink lots of that water at work LOL!

marti crapo

Congratualtions on winning Shelli's Creative Challenge - your scrapbook is wonderful - I can see why you won!

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