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October 21, 2008


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Laura (scrapnextras)

They're fabulous! They are totally representative of the times...we all made cards like with the torn edges and maximum 2 layers of cardstock. We could actually mail them way back then LOL! At least you photographed yours...mine were all squish scanned...really adds another dimension all together!


Just discovered your blog today - lovely! I really enjoyed your reflections about your first creations. I have saved a couple of mine and think about how my skills have changed since I started this adventure. I will continue to read your blog. I enjoy the stamping, of course, and also the challenge of reading it in French. Maybe soon my French will be less rusty and I'll leave comments in French too! Thanks for sharing.


Ha ha! tres beau! Il faut que je cherche mes premieres creations aussi, je suis certaine qu'elles sont du meme calibre! :)

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