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October 07, 2008


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Allo Cindy! Tu me connais deja, mais je veux te dire que je trouve ton blog fantastique... Tes creations m'inspirent!! Merci de partager avec nous!


Bonjour Cindy,

J'aime aussi consulter ton blog, tu sais que j'adore tes projets, je trouve que tu as tellement de talent ! Je peux y trouver plusieurs idées. Merci de partager tes trucs avec nous !



Where to start...hmmm. Well, my name is Brandi and I like long walks on the beach...LOL! I get the same thing with my blog. I have almost 200 visit a day dropping by but not so many comments. This is a really good idea and I may have to steal it! I'll see you on Sunday! I'll call you in the morning!

giddy with excitement,



Hi! I just found your blog today but have enjoyed looking at some past projects!! I am sure that I will be back!!

Emilie Bélanger

Salut Cindy,

Hey oui, je fais partie des anonymes, j'aime bien ton blog, il m'inspire beaucoup!!!




I forgot your phone number at home! Can you e-mail it to me please? I'll call you on Sunday morning.



Yo Cindi, just me, checking out your latest stuff and drooling. I have some catalogs to send you next week so be on the look out!

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