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September 06, 2008


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Hi Cindy! I found a link to your site on the team blog.

I love this box! The butterflies look so cute on the top! I've been debating whether to buy this set, and I definitely think I'm going to have to now! ;-)

BTW, I'm not sure why you're bummed today, but I hope you feel better soon!

Brandi Wiggins

Why so bummed, chum? What a beautiful project! You've got talent coming out the...whut? I hope you feel better...turn that frown upside down.
gros biz, B.

Laura (scrapnextras)

This is totally cute! Love the colours and all those flowers. I hope all is well at your end. Keeping you in my thoughts.


Love the box, it's very pretty. Hope everything is ok!


Cindy, I am sorry you are feeling bummed! Your boxes look beautiful!
I hope you have a better day tomorrow!
Big cyber hugs


Cindy, votre papillons sont tres jolie! J'aime beacoup!
I hope you feel better!
Oh, I thought I knew how to say the above in French! I just learned that last semester!! Oh well... :)

Marika Lemay

WOW! Elle est fa-bu-leu-se, ta boîte!!!!! Extraordinaire, même! Très pimpante, tout comme toi! Bravo! Que de détails! Je pense que tu devrais nommer ton blohue: endre, papier, ciseaux= détails!


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